Enjoy reading about how music theory professor Dr. Sabrina Clarke makes a point to use musical examples written by Amy Beach and other women in her classroom to teach music theory concepts as well as inclusiveness!

Many music professors in the areas of theory, history, etc. strive to remain inclusive in their classrooms by using research and examples from diverse sources.  In this case, Dr. Sabrina Clarke makes a point to include musical examples written by women every Friday using her strategy #femalecomposerfridays!

According to Dr. Clarke:

Each semester I try to develop new strategies for consistent representation of diverse voices in my theory classes. These strategies get worked into my regular course plans, and hopefully are positive steps towards a more inclusive music theory experience…Emphasizing and re-emphasizing the problems of representation in music theory is essential not only as a starting point for change, but for students to understand the context and need for this change.

Enjoy reading more about her strategy and her use today of musical examples taken from Amy Beach’s Dancing Leaves, Op. 102, no. 2 to aid in her in-class interval identification lesson!