About Us

Liane CurtisDr. Liane Curtis – Resident Scholar, Women’s Studies Research Center, Brandeis University; Founder and President, Women’s Philharmonic Advocacy and The Rebecca Clarke Society, Inc.  Ph.D. in Musicology.
Professional Profile PicChris A. Trotman – Director of Music Publications and Editor-in-Chief of Amy Beach Project for Women’s Philharmonic Advocacy; Webmaster of Amy Beach website.  M.M. in Music Composition and M.L.I.S.


Beach Advisory Committee:

Sarah BaerSarah Baer – Director of Research and Blogger-in-Chief for Women’s Philharmonic Advocacy.  M.A. in Music and Women’s and Gender Studies.

Sarah GerkDr. Sarah GerkAssociate Professor of Musicology, Binghamton University.  Musicologist, author and American music researcher.  Ph.D. in Musicology.