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A-R Editions – A-R Editions, 1600 Aspen Commons, Suite 100,
Middleton WI 53562

Fleisher – The Edwin A. Fleisher Collection of Orchestral Music, Free Library of Philadelphia, First Floor – Room 125, Central Library, 1901 Vine Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Hildegard – Hildegard Publishing Company, P. O. Box 18860, Mount Airy, PA 19119

IMSLP – International Music Score Library Project/Petrucci Library (Free Public Domain sheet music)

Kalmus – Edwin F. Kalmus & Co., Inc., PO Box 5011, Boca Raton, FL 33431

LC Schmidt – Library of Congress Music Division, Arthur P. Schmidt Company Archives – Music Manuscripts – Finding Aid PDF

Luck’s – Luck’s Music Library, 32300 Edward, P.O. Box 71397, Madison Heights, MI 48071

Masters – Ludwig Masters Publications, 6403 West Rogers Circle, Boca Raton, Florida 33487

Recital PublicationsRecital Publications, PO Box 1697, Huntsville, Texas 77342-1697

Spaulding – Spaulding Library, New England Conservatory, 290 Huntington Avenue, Boston MA 02115

UNH Beach – University of New Hampshire Library, Amy Cheney Beach (Mrs. H.H.A. Beach) Papers

UNH Block – University of New Hampshire Library, Adrienne Fried Block Papers

UMKC – Dr. Kenneth J. LaBudde Department of Special Collections of the University of Missouri-Kansas City, Amy Cheney Beach Collection

Women Composers – Women composers. Vol. 8 : music through the ages : Composers born 1800-1899 : large and small instrumental ensembles – OCLC WorldCat

Women’s Philharmonic Advocacy Publications – Editions by Chris A. Trotman, please use the contact form listed under Contact Us on the left sidebar

TitleOpusScoringDateOriginal publication (including reprints) and other informationWhere to acquire or purchase
Mass in Eb5SATB & orchestra1890A.P. Schmidt (1890). Walton (1995). Recital Publications (1997). According to Clara Cheney, Amy Beach wrote the vocal and choral parts in 1886 and 1887 and completed the orchestral score in 1889. MS is held in New England Conservatory - Spaulding Library. First performance by Handel and Haydn Society under the direction of Carl Zerrahn and orchestral players from the Boston Symphony and B.J. Lang as organist. IMSLP; Masters; Recital Publications; Kalmus (Score & Parts); Luck's (Score & Parts); LC Schmidt - Box 26 (score MS); UMKC - Box 4, folder 1; UNH Block - Box 1, folder 8 (complete score), Box 1, folders 9-13 (individual movements)
Mass in Eb - Graduale for tenor (Thou Glory of Jerusalem)5Tenor & orchestra1892A.P. Schmidt (1892). Insertion in Mass in Eb, Op. 5.See above. UMKC - Box 2, folder 2 (Graduale MS); UNH Beach - Box 6, folder 32 (2 copies of Graduale) & Box 9, folder 18 (Graduale); UNH Block - Box 1, folder 14 (Graduale)
The Minstrel and the King: Rudolph von Hapsburg16Tenor, Bass, Male 4 voices (TTBB) & orchestra1890A.P. Schmidt (1890). Recital Publications (1997). Text by F. von Schiller. Dedicated to Theodore Thomas. Premiere unknown.IMSLP (vocal score); Recital Publications; LC Schmidt - Box 26 (score MS); Spaulding - Vault ML96 .B38 op.16 Z9 (copyist’s score MS), Microfilm 97 (copyist’s score copy) & Microfilm 98 (copyist’s score copy); UNH Block - Box 2, folder 7
Festival Jubilate in D (Cantata)177 voices & orchestra1892A.P. Schmidt (1892). Hildegard (1995). Recital Publications (1997). Psalm 100. First performed on May 1, 1893 by Chicago Columbian World's Exposition orchestra and a 300 voice chorus consisting of members of William Tomlins' Apollo Club of Chicago; Beach composed this work for the dedication ceremonies of the Women's Building on October 18, 1892. IMSLP (choral with piano reduction); Recital Publications; Hildegard (choral with piano reduction); Spaulding - Vault ML96 .B38 op.17 (score MS & parts in orchestra library); UNH Block - Box 2, folder 8 (with notes by Block)
Eilende Wolken, Segler der Lüfte18Alto & orchestra1892A.P. Schmidt (1892). Recital Publications. Text by F. von Schiller. First performance by commissioner and dedicatee, C. Katie Alves, contralto soloist for the Handel and Haydn Society.Recital Publications; LC Schmidt - Box 25 (score MS); UNH Beach - Box 6, folder 45 & Box 9, folder 19; UNH Block - Box 2, folder 9 (with notes by Block)
Three Songs: Chanson d'amour21/1arr. orchestra1893A.P. Schmidt - pno (1893). Reprinted by Hildegard (1994). Text by V. Hugo.Hildegard (voice & piano); LC Schmidt - Box 25 (voice & piano MS); Orchestral version unknown.
Three Songs: Extase21/2arr. orchestra1893A.P. Schmidt - voice & piano version, 1893. Reprinted by Hildegard, 1994. Text by V. Hugo.Hildegard (voice & piano); LC Schmidt - Box 25 (voice & piano MS); Spaulding - Vault ML96 .B38 op.21 no.2 (score MS & parts in orchestra library) & Microfilm 222
Bal Masqué22arr. orchestra1893A.P. Schmidt - pno (1894). Originally for solo piano.Fleisher - 6181 Entire Work (score MS); Women's Philharmonic Advocacy Publications (2 versions) - (1) Revised edition of Amy Beach's orchestrated version and (2) orchestrated edition of score and parts by Chris A. Trotman. For more information, please visit our Publications page.
The Rose of Avon-Town30Soprano, Alto, Female 4 voices & orchestra1896A.P. Schmidt (1896). Recital Publications (1997). Text by C. Mischka. First performance by the Caecilia Ladies' Vocal Society of Brooklyn, which is also the group that commissioned the work. The premiere was held at the Lee Avenue Congregational Church in Brooklyn on April 22, 1896.Recital Publications; LC Schmidt - Box 27 (MS score); Women's Philharmonic Advocacy Publications - Newly revised edition of score and parts by Chris A. Trotman (For more information, please visit our Publications page; Spaulding - Vault ML96 .B38 op.30 (score MS & parts in orchestra library), Microfilm 95 & Microfilm 96; UNH Beach - Box 7, folder 10; UNH Block - Box 3, folder 4
"Gaelic" Symphony in E minor32orchestra1894 - 1896A.P. Schmidt (1897). G.K. Hall (1992). Reprint by Serenissima (Feb. 2004). MSS held at UNH and Library of Congress (Arthur P. Schmidt Company Archives - the exact MS used in the original publication). First performance by Boston Symphony Orchestra and conducted by Emil Paur in October 31, 1896.IMSLP (score); Masters (study score); Women's Philharmonic Advocacy Publications - Newly revised edition of score and parts by Chris A. Trotman (For more information, please visit our Publications page; Kalmus (Original version parts); LC Schmidt - Box 29 (MS score); UNH Beach - Box 4, folder 16 (typed transcription of self-analysis for Symphony by Beach), Box 5, folder 5-7 (MS score) & Box 5, folder 8 (3 illustrations for Symphony - 2 copies); UNH Block - Box 3, folders 6-9 (includes notes by Block)
Song of Welcome42SATB & orchestra1898A.P. Schmidt (1898). Text by H. M. Blossom. First performance by 200 member chorus accompanied by the Marine Band under the direction of WIllard Kimball was presented at the Trans-Mississippi International Exposition on June 1, 1898.LC Schmidt - Box 28 (MS); UNH Beach - Box 7, folder 22; UNH Block - Box 4, folder 5
Piano Concerto in C-sharp minor45Piano & orchestra1899A.P. Schmidt - Orchestral score (1899) & 2 piano version (1900). 2 piano version reprinted by Hildegard Publishing Company (1995). Manuscript conductor's score located in the Edwin A. Fleisher Collection of Orchestral Music - Free Library of Philadelphia. 2 piano edition by Hildegard Publishing Company includes a thorough introduction by Martha Furman Schleifer. First performance by Amy Beach (32 at the time) with the Boston Symphony Orchestra on April 7, 1900. Dedicated to Madame Teresa Carreo. IMSLP (2-piano version by Beach); Hildegard (2-piano version by Beach); LC - M1010 .B36 Op.45 (Case) (Copyist’s MS); Fleisher (Copyist’s MS – separate copy than LC); UMKC - Box 3, folder 10 (2-piano version with annotations by Beach); UNH Block - Box 4, folder 8 (with many notes by Block)
Sylvania: a Wedding Cantata46Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass, 8 voices & orchestra1901A.P. Schmidt (1901). Text by F.W. Bancroft, after W. Bloem. Premiere took place by the Amphion Club of Melrose, Massachusetts, on April 7, 1905 with Beach at the piano.IMSLP (choral & piano reduction score); LC Schmidt - Box 28 (MS); Spaulding - Vault ML96 .B38 op.46 (score MS) & Microfilm 207; UNH Block - Box 4, folder 9
Four Songs (1903): No. 3 - Juni51/1arr. orchestra1903;1931Publication unknown. Text by E. Jansen.Spaulding - Vault ML96 .B38 op.51 no.3 (score MS & parts in orchestra library) & Microfilm 222
Jephthah's Daughter 53Soprano & orchestra1903A.P. Schmidt (1903). Text by Mollevaut, after Bible: Judges xi.38
(It. trans., I. Martinez, Eng. trans., A.M. Beach).
Recital Publications; Spaulding - Vault ML96 .B38 op.53 (score MS & parts in orchestra library) & Microfilm 222
The Sea-Fairies59Soprano, Alto, Female chorus 2 voices, orchestra & organ ad lib.1904A.P. Schmidt (1904); Hildegard (1996). Text by A. Tennyson. Beach completed the orchestration on November 5, 1904. Dedicated to the Thursday Morning Musical Club of Boston, conducted by Arthur Hyde.Hildegard (vocal & piano score); A-R Editions (full score); Recital Publications; LC Schmidt - Box 27 (MS); Spaulding - Vault ML96 .B38 op.59 (score MS & parts in orchestra library), Microfilm 97 & Microfilm 98; UNH Beach - Box 5, folder 18 (harp part MS) & Box 7, folder 53; UNH Block - Box 5, folders 6 & 7
Variations on Balkan Themes60orchestra1906Unpublished. Original arrangement for orchestra by Beach is based on the original piano version. Hector Valdivia arranged the revised piano version for orchestra later.Women Composers; LC Schmidt - Box 29 (2-piano version MS); UNH Beach - Box 5, Folder 19 (Beach original arrangement MS)
The Chambered Nautilus66Soprano, Contralto, Female chorus 4 voices, orchestra & organ ad lib.1907A.P. Schmidt (1907). Hildegard (1994) - organ part laid in. Text by Oliver Wendell Holmes. "The chambered nautilus", from The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table, published 1858. Premiered Jan. 21, 1908 by dedicatee, St. Cecilia Club of New York.Hildegard (vocal & choral score); LC Schmidt - Box 25 (MS); UMKC - Box 1, folder 9 (MS); UNH Block - Box 6, folders 1-3
Panama Hymn 74SATB & orchestra1914G. Schirmer (1915). Text by W.P. Stafford. Work commissioned for the Panama Pacific International Exposition held in San Francisco.UNH Beach - Box 4, folder 12 (MS) & Box 5, folder 24 (MS); UNH Block - Box 6, Folder 10
From Blackbird Hills83orchestrac. 1922UnpublishedUnknown
The Canticle of the Sun123Soprano, Mezzo-soprano (Alto), Tenor, Bass, SATB & orchestra1924A.P. Schmidt (1928). Text by St. Francis of Assisi; Translation by Matthew Arnold. First performance by choir of St. Bartholomew's Episcopal Church in New York on December 8, 1928. However, Beach dedicated the work to the Chautauqua Choir.A-R Editions (full score); Spaulding - Vault ML96 .B38 op.123 (score MS & parts in orchestra library), Vault ML96 .B38 op.123 (copy 2), Microfilm 95, Microfilm 96 & Microfilm 285; UNH Beach - Box 8, folder 45; UNH Block - Box 8, folder 7
Christ in the Universe 132Alto, Tenor, SATB & orchestrac.1921H.W. Gray (1931). Text by A. Meynell. The anthem is based on Beach's unpublished piano solo, "A September Forest."UNH Beach - Box 8, Folder 51; UNH Block - Box 8, folder 10
Hearken unto Me 139Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass, 4 voices & orchestra1934A.P. Schmidt (1934). (Bible: Isaiah li.1, 3; xliii.1–3; xl.28, 31).LC Schmidt - Box 25 (MS); UNH Beach - Box 8, Folder 54; UNH Block - Box 9, folder 2

Celebrating the composer Amy Beach, 1867-1944