Boston Landmarks Orchestra Will Perform “Alla Siciliana” from Amy Beach’s “Gaelic” Symphony!

On Wednesday, Aug. 9, the Boston Landmark Orchestra will perform the “Alla Siciliana” from Amy Beach’s monumental “Gaelic” Symphony at the DCR Hatch Memorial Shell in Boston.  The orchestra will be performing from our revised edition available via Women’s Philharmonic Advocacy Publications!

Maestro Christopher Wilkins describes the program here,  and details are on the orchestra’s website here.

A New CD Is Available from the American Music Recordings Collection (AMRC), Which Features Music by Five American Women Composers.

The CD album, aptly entitled “Five American Women Composers,” includes Amy Beach’s Piano Quintet in F-sharp, her anthem, “Let This Mind Be in You” and two movements from her Mass in E-flat as well as music by Ruth Crawford Seeger, Katherine K. Davis, Susan McFarland (Mrs. E. A. Pankhurst) and Sister Martha Jane Anderson.

For more information about the specific music included in this album and how to purchase, please visit the AMRC page here.